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Since the beginning of human history, the act of commerce has created civilizations, invented industries, moved economies forward and connected communities. More than simply the transaction act of buying and selling, the commercial market populates much of our portfolio, including corporate offices, financial buildings, retail and restaurant spaces, industrial facilities and hospitality properties.

Proper commercial environments don’t just bring people together, they bring out the best in people. And companies. To be at their best, they need physical spaces that combine design and layout in a way that allows them to be at their best. In order to ensure this happens, we combine tireless effort, an innate understanding of how companies and communities integrate and decades of experience.

Work with KAI to see your business taken to the next level with a design and build that is impactable, flexible and uniquely reflects who you are as a company. We will take your vision and blend it with our expertise to create spaces that are functional and memorable for your employees, visitors, customers and surrounding community.

Commercial Submarkets


The physical space of your company says a lot about your company. Not only to customers and clients, but to employees, prospective employees, corporate partners, vendors and other visitors. A well-planned building will drive an organization’s culture and business. And just because we’re creating a corporate environment doesn’t mean...

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Financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, need to create a specific tone when their customers walk through the front doors—a combination of security, comfort and trust. KAI recognizes the specialized needs of this market and has decades of experience building and designing for the financial industry, including new...

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The hospitality market is about more than creating a “home away from home” for our client’s customers. Oftentimes, it’s about creating something even grander, more impressive. A “dream home away from home.” KAI specializes in creating environments where visitors feel comfortable to relax, play, get away from it all,...

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In any line of business, teamwork and smart partnerships are critical in creating a successful product, service or brand. This is why KAI has embraced the “design and build” mentality, in which we have in-house design and build professionals always ready to collaborate on your project. To increase our...

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Your business’s storefront, layout and interior play a key role in the way customers and potential customers think about the products and services you offer. They should all work in concert to enhance the customer experience when interacting with your physical space. True whether you’re running a restaurant, retail...

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