Giving youth the space they need to think, learn and grow

Education is one of the greatest tools you can give a child. With a proper education, no dream or ambition is out of reach. And while education often starts at home, it’s primarily given in a K-12 school setting. KAI is committed to building and designing school buildings and spaces that spark learning and community among the next generation, while giving educators a professional setting that allows them to easily take up the mission of teaching.

In many schools, learning takes place everywhere, not just the classroom. So every aspect of the design and construction—across the entire project—possesses the possibility of improving a child’s education experience. Our teams have spent years creating welcoming, exciting and secure spaces that stimulate a student’s imagination and thirst for knowledge within elementary, middle schools and high schools.

By staying informed on the latest K-12 educational advancements, innovations and trends, we are able to understand our client’s mission and goals while being responsible to their budget and schedule.

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