Taking guest relations to the next level

The hospitality market is about more than creating a “home away from home” for our client’s customers. Oftentimes, it’s about creating something even grander, more impressive. A “dream home away from home.” KAI specializes in creating environments where visitors feel comfortable to relax, play, get away from it all, unplug and make connections. It’s not just designing a physical space—it’s designing the foundations of a memorable experience.

At KAI, our team takes a hyper-local, yet global perspective with all of our hospitality builds, so that the property truly feels of a specific place and community. Working closely with our clients to dig into their unique visions for their properties, we establish clear business requirements and needs to strike a balance between an enticing environment that will attract customers and an efficient layout to create a final solution that both business owners and visitors will appreciate.

We have created superior guest experiences and sparked long-term loyalty across a wide range of hospitality builds, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, spas and casinos. Work with KAI to ensure all aspects of your property are comfortable, refined, accommodating and one-of-a-kind.