Creating the spaces where communities come together

Communities come in all shape and sizes. They’re formed whenever and where ever people gather to live, work, play, compete, learn, pray and celebrate. Some communities are short-lived, and others are entrenched. KAI has plans and solutions for developing communities of every type. There are no challenges too big for our team of dedicated professionals.

For decades, our portfolio of completed projects has been rooted in community-based builds and public spaces designed to be shared among many different kinds of people. Whether we’re creating libraries or community centers or civic buildings or parks or museums or houses of worship, we understand the unique needs and uses of individual facilities and how to create spaces that best serve all citizens.

At KAI, we have teams of engineers, designers, builders and other construction professionals who all work together to ensure the finished project not only accurately feels a part of its community but plays its part in the best manner possible. We ensure this by staying on top of current trends, working to weave in a timeless quality and digging in deep to understand the true vision of our clients and the communities for which we’re building.

Community Submarkets

Community Recreation

A sound mind follows a sound body. Physical fitness and addressing overall health are more important to people than ever before. Whether it’s in a large community gym or the high school weight room, activity lovers are running, lifting and stretching into healthier versions of themselves. But to get...

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Libraries are one of the most unique and special civic buildings in any community. Much more than a series of bookshelves, libraries are one of the very few spaces that attract and serve members of every age—from young children who visit for lively storytelling hours to older folks using...

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Museums & Parks

Cultural touchstones, such as museums, parks and other similar civic institutions are the lifeblood of local communities. They allow us to honor and remember our pasts, while creating spaces to celebrate the accomplishments of today. They are places to learn, explore, understand, inspire, reflect and even play. Belonging to...

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In civilizations all across the globe, some of the very first standing structures ever built were houses of worship. The care, consideration and reverence these early builders had for every step of the process has been passed down through the generations today where there is still a special honor...

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