Piping in the right skills and experience to provide communities with clean water

Access to clean water is one of the critical services a city can provide to its citizens. Using safe and healthy water at homes and businesses, and conveniently sending away and treating wastewater correctly are simply expected by most members of the community. The proper design and build of the infrastructure and facilities that make these services possible is critical to a thriving, successful, safe and happy community.

We know the water/wastewater industry is faced with the challenge of improving or replacing aging infrastructure. Over the past decade, KAI has developed a strong expertise in the construction management and inspection of water and wastewater facility projects. We are well-versed in best practices and industry standards from our work on a number of operating plants and new plant construction projects. We are skilled in inspecting and managing the appropriate, cost-effective solutions in modern wastewater technology.

KAI offers customized construction management, inspection and “start-up” services, following methods focused on meeting quality, schedule and cost objectives.  These methods are designed to minimize overall risks, conflicts and transitional concerns. The result is safe, sanitary water/wastewater collection and treatment processing that is environmentally sound, appealing to constituents, and compliant with government regulations.

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