Moving communities forward by bringing them together

In a world that is increasingly linked and corrected, the ability to move seamlessly and quickly from one area to another has never been more important. People need to travel for countless reasons—from work to school to accomplishing the needs of daily life. At KAI, we take our responsibility to create transportation and mobility projects that elevate the travel experience seriously.

The design, engineering, and construction professionals at KAI strive to create memorable moments in the world of traveling – no-hassle arrivals, uplifting spaces and open-air spaces—and have a wealth of experience in curating experiences that not only connect, but also reflect the communities we serve. Our mobility expertise includes bus, light rail, metro and parking garage solutions.

We are the right partner when you need to effectively engage all segments of the community and developing proactive plans to implement a holistic, modern approach to mobility infrastructure in way that gets results for communities of all sizes.

Mobility Submarkets


Bus stations have been an iconic and critical aspect of our public transportation system stretching back decades and continue to still be a vital source of mobility for many people—from commuting to jobs to traveling across country to visit loved ones. Bus stations connect disparate communities and people to...

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There are hundreds of different buildings, structures, facilities and constructions, but they have one thing in common. If you want people to come to any of them, they’re going to need places to park. In fact, in large-scale building operations, parking should be one of the first challenges worked...

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With the rise of global population, urbanization and globalization are just a few of the reasons why light trail transit is going to occupy a prominent place in the public transportation hierarchy in the years and decades to come. Managing this incredible increase in passenger levels, along with ever-shrinking...

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