Loaning our passion and expertise to the financial world

Financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, need to create a specific tone when their customers walk through the front doors—a combination of security, comfort and trust. KAI recognizes the specialized needs of this market and has decades of experience building and designing for the financial industry, including new construction, renovations, expansions and retrofits.

A financial institution must be built with flexibility in mind, in order to serve the broad needs of their customers. An open, warm, inviting floorplan often needs to be combined with designated spaces for more private conversations, as well as spacious conference rooms to meet with larger groups. And certain safety considerations, such as clear lines of sight and specially built rooms for extra security must be taken into account. We understand design conditions for the high security demands of vaults, safe deposit box rooms and drive-up transaction windows.

Our banking projects are always designed to achieve our clients’ highest level of efficiency, including incorporating state-of-the-art lighting systems and strategies to reduce the need for excessive paper storage. When you work with KAI, you can bank on the project getting done right.

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