Creating beautiful buildings as public service

Every day our elected leaders and those who they appoint to various positions are tasked with serving the public and doing the work designed to push local communities and the country as a whole forward. To do this properly, they need physical spaces that are designed and built to augment this work, to inspire thinking and acting on behalf of the greater good.

When KAI engages in the development of a government building, we know we’re not only serving the needs of the public officials who will be the primary users of the facilities, but the citizens they serve, as well. Our teams have decades of experience navigating the complexities, regulations and nuances of the government sector. We ensure our approach combines state-of-the-art technology and our “design-build” delivery process in order to save time and money, producing buildings that open on schedule without the need for budget changes.

Whether it’s the renovation of a longstanding, iconic federal building, developing a new wing of a correctional facility or breaking ground on a smaller community’s new town hall, we tailor the project to maximize our clients’ visions and create something the public will take pride in.

Government Submarkets

Civic & Municipal

Local government buildings can take many forms. From large, ornate city halls to multi-purpose neighborhood community centers. And each one needs to reflect the fabric of the locality it serves, but also meet the needs of the government officials and citizens that live, work or play within its walls. These...

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The federal government is charged with creating, enforcing, interpreting and evolving the policies intended to support and protect the citizens of this great country. And we are charged with creating the spaces that allow them to do that job to the best of their ability, fairly and justly. In...

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Justice & Corrections

Creating facilities within the justice and corrections market comes with its own set of unique challenges and issues that most buildings and projects don’t contain. Namely, that many of the people who must visit, use and even live within these spaces often are not there by their own choice....

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