Science & Technology

Developing specialized designs for the science and tech industry

There might be no more competitive industry to be a part of right now than those involving science and technology, where seemingly incremental increases in knowledge can have significant impact for new product developments. KAI understands the complexities and sophistication of the spaces that need to be built in order to maintain pace within this competitive environment.

Our team is experienced in not only constructing and designing laboratory spaces that meet the functional and regulatory needs of those that work there, but in creating the specialized design implementations necessary for certain work. Specific designs have included distinct room finishes that resist corrosion, shielding requirements magnetic, light, sound, vibration, electrostatic and radiation sources, as well as creating environments to handle hazardous materials and accounting for pressure relationships which can affect exhaust systems.

To ensure proper completion of these customized solutions while being cost-effective and time-efficient, we work collaboratively with administrators, faculty, researchers, facilities personnel and safety personnel. The result is the creation of a safe, functional science and technology space.

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