Sending our clients’ visions soaring

The needs of the recreational and business traveler are evolving faster than ever. No longer merely a place to catch a plane, airports are transforming from transportation hubs to self-contained cities. At the same time, more people are flying than ever, which means greater stress on existing facilities and infrastructures. Contemporary airports need to provide an efficient and positive experience for the traveler, those that work there, the operators and the airlines themselves.

KAI’s team of aviation experts’ approach is rooted in a strong understanding of the design and build needs of every facet of an airport’s facilities—from passenger terminals and hangars to behind-the-scenes operations centers and cargo warehouses. All of these diverse buildings need to be safe, comfortable, efficient, easy to upgrade and profitable.

Our experience gives us the expertise and the confidence to develop large-scale projects and work around expected or unforeseen challenges without any prolonged delays or turbulence. We work with our clients to develop planning and design solutions that will minimize passenger inconvenience and maximize efficiencies in cost and schedule.

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