Supporting local businesses from the ground up

Your business’s storefront, layout and interior play a key role in the way customers and potential customers think about the products and services you offer. They should all work in concert to enhance the customer experience when interacting with your physical space. True whether you’re running a restaurant, retail store or operating out of a more traditional office building setting.

Our teams of engineering and design professionals have years of experience designing specialized and customized builds and designs that reflect and even help create a company’s brand. Exterior elements must be distinct and recognizable, while feeling like a unified and seamless part of the community in which they serve. And the interior design and ambience should create a warm, welcoming environment that sparks interaction.

At KAI, we believe our business is making your business look and function in a way that sets you up to achieve your goals, developing a space that customers, clients and employees can all thrive within. One of the ways we measure success is our client’s success…and whether we’re asked to help create their next location.

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