Family room retail furniture at Art Van Furniture

Maintaining Rigid Project Schedules

Furniture Store Conversions
Art Van Furniture Inc.
Various Locations in Missouri & Illinois

Art Van Furniture, formerly Rothman Furniture Stores, commissioned KAI to renovate and convert their existing facilities into newly franchised showroom spaces. The existing facilities were fully occupied and required phasing as the projects progressed. The existing stores required updated lighting, finishes and new offices, salvaging as much sales floor spaces available at any given time.

The Art Van Furniture project greatly benefited from the value of pre-planning and early budgeting for projects with accelerated completion schedules. For this reason, the five-store remodel project was completed with an aggressive schedule of 4-weeks time and within a $3.5 million budget.

Daily coordination and open lines of communication were key elements of this project and crucial in maintaining the tight schedule. Any time that work is being completed in phases while the space is still occupied, communication is a key component to that success, and this project was no exception.


General Contracting

"The KAI team did beyond an amazing job on this project. From high expectations to short timelines, we really started KAI off behind schedule before they even got onsite. Everything was completed on time, per spec and within budget. Our team couldn't be happier,"

Jay Steinback, President & CEO
Art Van of St. Louis