We don’t build houses, we create homes

These days, homes come in many different forms. But there is one idea that links them all—they’re where much of life happens. Where people seek a respite from the outside world and its stresses. Where families come together and grow up. Where memories are made. KAI has years of experience developing the places that people are proud to call home, including senior living facilities, multi-family housing and mixed-used developments.

As urbanization and globalization increase, our team of knowledgeable designers and construction professionals ground our solutions in the local environment they’re situated within. From there, we integrate exterior and interior environments with desirable amenities to not only create a suitable living environment but also increase market appeal.

Tapping into a broad, multidisciplinary approach, our solutions combine the flavor of the community with efficient layouts to maximize usability for future residents and deliver richer, lived-in experiences well within our clients’ budgets and timelines. These distinctive and well-planned developments reward investors, developers, residents and the community at large with a blend of authenticity and forward-facing functionality.

Residential Submarkets


Urbanization is not merely a coming trend, it’s a trend that’s already arrived and is shaping our cities and homes. The change in lifestyles—where millennials are always off the clock and on the clock simultaneously—has changed the way buildings and communities need to be built. Which means we had...

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We believe that designing and building multi-family housing units means multiple opportunities to give people a home. A place to relax. A place to connect with their friends and family. A place that is truly theirs. When creating projects such as these, we want our efforts to directly affect...

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Senior Living

You can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat their elders. Which is why KAI takes special care and consideration when developing residential projects intended for use as senior living facilities. It’s important to consider the age and level of physical fitness of the residents...

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