Sports & Entertainment

Giving entire communities something to cheer for

A game-winning home run. A last-minute three pointer. A show-stopping encore. These are the memories communities treasure the opportunity to witness. The ones that define a night or even an entire season. Gathering together as a group of thousands or tens of thousands to watch the extraordinary talents of athletes, musicians, artists, dancers and other entertainers requires venues built not just to handle the experience but to elevate it.

At KAI, we know these complexes play a part in not only the visitor’s experience, but the performers’, as well. Our knowledgeable team of engineers, designers and construction professionals are experienced in creating the vision of these larger-than-life venues, including stadiums, recreation centers, sports complexes and concert halls for pros and amateurs alike.

More specialized than many projects, these facilities are always evolving when it comes to design trends and the latest technology, in order to draw spectators and improve their experience. At KAI, we make a concerted effort to be informed on these changes and options. Whether working as a project partner or directly for the owner, our designers and engineers bring a unique understanding of this complex construction.

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