Keeping our growing communities on track

With the rise of global population, urbanization and globalization are just a few of the reasons why light trail transit is going to occupy a prominent place in the public transportation hierarchy in the years and decades to come. Managing this incredible increase in passenger levels, along with ever-shrinking infrastructure budgets and environmental sensitivities requires a considered, yet forward-thinking approach.

At KAI, our team of transportation experts–including builders, designers, engineers and environmental impact specialists—are committed to creating the next level of public transportation infrastructure and supporting facilities to further move and connect people around the world. We have experience developing passenger and freight rail lines, tram and metro operations and high-speed rail solutions.

Our approach is both passenger and community-centric with special attention paid to the impact any builds will have on our planet’s natural resources and existing structures and spaces within cities and communities. Partnering with our clients and local governments, we can develop transit systems that will connect communities safely, quickly and comfortably.

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