Putting our design and build talents in park

There are hundreds of different buildings, structures, facilities and constructions, but they have one thing in common. If you want people to come to any of them, they’re going to need places to park. In fact, in large-scale building operations, parking should be one of the first challenges worked out. A failure in parking logistics can have significant negative repercussions, no matter how well-thought out the rest of the project might be.

At KAI, we want to create parking garages that meet the needs of our clients and the desires of the people who will be using them. Our team of parking professionals know that they must be created in a way to get cars in and out quickly and efficiently with minimal confusions, while also ensuring their safety and security while they’re parked. Garages must also be visually attractive, fitting seamlessly into the larger design, while being low-maintenance and long-lasting.

We have experience creating a variety of parking solutions—from covered to both above and below ground multi-level systems. All of them designed to provide the best parking experience possible for end users, while working within the master build’s look, feel and budget.

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