DART Blue Line Station Walkways

Featuring the arts in transit design

DART Blue Line Expansion
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Dallas, TX

As part of a design/build team selected by DART, KAI provided architectural design services for a $180 million, 4.5 mile expansion of the existing Blue Line Light Rail. The expansion extends the line from downtown Garland to downtown Rowlett to further serve the Northeast Corridor of DART’s master plan for Dallas.

In addition to the 4.5 miles of line, KAI designed the new Rowlett Station while keeping in mind the arts-in-transit initiative undertaken by DART. The new station features a compilation of art significant to Rowlett and the surrounding area. This detail adds depth and personality to what could easily have been a mundane station.

KAI coordinated with an artist hired to work with the local community in creating an artistic vision of images, textures, colors and emotions important to Rowlett residents. KAI’s architects then translated this vision and imagery into architectural elements on the station and through a meandering maze of panels in the park-n-ride lot to welcome and invite the community to witness the history, culture and future of the Town of Rowlett.



"This extension goes to a part of our community that is in need of more transportation choices. Now a young person starting out in life can pursue a complete, high-quality college education without the burden of car ownership."

Gary Thomas
DART President/Executive Director

The Impact

Reenergizing the South Oak Cliff Community

DART's Blue Line extension opens up new opportunities and destinations to Dallas' South Oak Cliff Community, a primarily low-income neighborhood. It makes the area more attractive to developers, and residents have improved access to the region for employment, education, housing, health care and entertainment. It also connects downtown to the Education Corridor, providing access to the University of North Texas at Dallas, Paul Quinn College and Cedar Valley College.

“When you build a rail system, as we have done here in Dallas, neighborhoods stabilize. When people have a way to get to work and back home at a reasonable cost, they can be stable. And the advantage of that is crime goes down, families are more stabilized, and children don’t have to move from school to school.”

Eddie Bernice Johnson
U.S. Representative for the 30th District of Texas