Justice & Corrections

Doing justice to every building we create

Creating facilities within the justice and corrections market comes with its own set of unique challenges and issues that most buildings and projects don’t contain. Namely, that many of the people who must visit, use and even live within these spaces often are not there by their own choice. At KAI, we recognize that dissonance and work hard to ensure there is a level of human dignity and basic humanitarian standards reflected in both the aesthetic and functional elements of each build— even as we create them with all necessary security features in place.

We have substantial experience creating proper environments that are safe and secure for visitors, employees and those living in these spaces, including minimum- and maximum-security prisons, jails and local detention facilities, and medical/mental health facilities. By combining our experience in facility planning, design, and construction with a desire to fully understand the needs of every person who must operate within the parameters of the justice system, we are confident each final project will be a success.

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