Civic & Municipal

Serving the needs of the communities by building the spaces that serve those needs

Local government buildings can take many forms. From large, ornate city halls to multi-purpose neighborhood community centers. And each one needs to reflect the fabric of the locality it serves, but also meet the needs of the government officials and citizens that live, work or play within its walls. These spaces represent the community, meaning they represent the people of the community.

KAI is well-versed in working with city governments and other organizations to understand precisely what each project is hoping to achieve and then working through every detail of the design and build critically to ensure those objectives are met. Our experienced team of designers, engineers and construction professionals understand how best to create these unique visions in way that makes the most out of a client’s budget and allows for common sense upkeep and maintenance. We also understand the intricacies of the more formalized procurement processes sometimes necessary when serving the needs of those building with taxpayer dollars.