Building a national identity

The federal government is charged with creating, enforcing, interpreting and evolving the policies intended to support and protect the citizens of this great country. And we are charged with creating the spaces that allow them to do that job to the best of their ability, fairly and justly.

In our company’s history, we have experience with a wide range of government clients, government services and other project types supported by federal dollars. The team of knowledgeable experts at KAI understand the depth and complexity of building and designing within the federal market, employing our time-tested philosophy to manage all projects effectively and efficiently—from multi-building government-owned campuses to smaller facilities.

Like the various branches and roles of the federal government, much of our success in this sphere comes from our commitment to collaboration and partnership. Not just with our “design-build” delivery process that puts designers and builders on the project from the start, but by working closely with our clients, as well. In this way we can create solutions that highlight the positivity and upward growth that defines who we are as a country.

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