Some jobs are more than jobs, they’re callings

In civilizations all across the globe, some of the very first standing structures ever built were houses of worship. The care, consideration and reverence these early builders had for every step of the process has been passed down through the generations today where there is still a special honor attached to creating spaces that will bring people closer to their spiritual sides.

Each sanctuary’s mystique is a reflection of that specific congregation’s beliefs, brought to life through building elements such as natural lighting, specialized interior lighting, stained glass windows, building height, artwork and more. Both the build and design should work together not only to inspire, but to inspire devotion.

But many of today’s religious spaces are not just used as houses of worship. They also must also be able encourage religious education, outreach, and ministry, while possibly including gymnasiums, dining and fellowship halls, classrooms, and administrative offices. KAI understands that today’s religious designs must blend stirring worship spaces with these more functional community support areas to create a unified facility.

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