Museums & Parks

Doing our civic duty

Cultural touchstones, such as museums, parks and other similar civic institutions are the lifeblood of local communities. They allow us to honor and remember our pasts, while creating spaces to celebrate the accomplishments of today. They are places to learn, explore, understand, inspire, reflect and even play. Belonging to the entire community at large, museums and parks are created and built with the special care afforded to those spaces passed down from one generation to the next. KAI has decades of experience bringing a broad range of museums, monuments, parks and other civic/municipal project to life.

With public spaces, we think about how the entirety of the public will feel when interacting with them—not just on the first visit, but the hundred and first visit. Our designers, engineers and construction professionals understand the unique needs of museum and park facilities, creating physical spaces and designing flexible interiors that will delight everyone from ages 8-80. We stay on top of current trends to ensure we’re developing something that both feels innovative and new, while still being timeless.

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