Writing the book on encouraging communities to read more

Libraries are one of the most unique and special civic buildings in any community. Much more than a series of bookshelves, libraries are one of the very few spaces that attract and serve members of every age—from young children who visit for lively storytelling hours to older folks using the libraries resources and gathering spaces as critical connection to the larger world.

Because of this cross-generational use, KAI is committed to designing and building libraries that won’t just function for people of every age, but that will unlock the magic of reading, learning and connecting for people of every age. We have used this mindset to construct many kinds of libraries, including towering city branches, reading nooks at elementary schools and multipurpose research centers on college campuses.

Our team creates libraries designed for the avid reader and the ones with dust on their library cards, ensuring all the expected amenities and details every visitor, librarian and administrator expects, including incorporating the latest technologies within our plans.

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