Front of GreenLeaf Market

Food Crisis Solutions

GreenLeaf Market
M Property Services, LLC
St. Louis, MO

KAI was hired to provide general contracting services for a new 20,000 SF grocery store near the City of St. Louis’ North side called GreenLeaf Market. This was one of the first projects in the massive Northside Regeneration project in an area that is currently considered a food desert.

GreenLeaf Market relies on Good Natured Family Farms, a farmers’ group and the St. Louis region that supply fresh and affordable vegetables, meats, eggs, fruits and fish to GreenLeaf. This is a complete grocery store that focuses on fresh, locally grown and competitively priced food; customers can get double the value of their food stamps when they purchase healthy foods. This grocery store allows the local community to shop for basic goods without having to leave their neighborhood.


Construction Management, General Contracting, Preconstruction Services

The Impact

Making Healthy Foods Accessible for All

This project has made finding healthy food options possible in an area where otherwise it was not previously being offered. By filling this need, KAI was able to aid in the elimination of a food desert within our own community, allowing members living in these urban areas to access good-quality fresh food.