A Unique One-Stop Shop

ZOOM Solar-Powered Gas Station, Convenience Store and Car Wash
M Property Services, LLC
St. Louis, MO

KAI was hired to provide general contracting services for a new 5,000 SF ZOOM gas station and convenience store near the City of St. Louis’ North side. This was one of the first projects in the massive Northside Regeneration project in an area that is currently considered a food desert.

ZOOM is a unique convenience store that offers fuel and food that is powered entirely by solar energy. The food will be sourced locally in conjunction with GreenLeaf Markets fresh and healthy food options. Additionally, the project also brings more than a dozen full – and part-time jobs to the area.

The ZOOM gas station canopy supports a state-of-the-art solar panel system capable of producing enough electricity annually to power the entire gas station, convenience store and attached car wash.


Construction Management, General Contracting, Preconstruction Services

The Impact

Health, Food, Technology, Jobs and Safety

This project creates a unique opportunity to provide NorthSide St. Louis residents with combined services that you can not find anywhere else nearby.