Bringing people together by bringing them all home

We believe that designing and building multi-family housing units means multiple opportunities to give people a home. A place to relax. A place to connect with their friends and family. A place that is truly theirs. When creating projects such as these, we want our efforts to directly affect the health and happiness of those that will one day live here.

At KAI, we welcome people home by staying apprised of layout and design trends that will allow us to create a welcoming, attractive layout that not only uses your budget wisely but also will bring residents through the doors. It’s about meeting the needs of the people you want living there by creatively combining market realities, financial considerations and creature comforts. We also take care to ensure our multi-family units blend seamlessly into the existing communities of which they will become a part.

The engineering, design and construction teams at KAI have experience creating multi-family style facilities, such as apartments, condos, hotels, on- and off-campus student living and affordable, government-subsidized housing. We are adept at working with and within numerous states’ low-income tax credit programs, supportive living programs, and the federal government’s multiple HUD programs.

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