Side view of train rails and canopied stops at the Victory Station

Incorporating playful whimsy in station design

Victory Station
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Dallas, TX

Located on the west side of the American Airlines Center, Victory Station started service in 2004 for events only, and began daily service in 2009. As a part of the arts-in-transit initiative, the Victory Station’s four platforms display pavement patterns of game boards, hopscotch, cards and other childhood past times. With nods to downtown Dallas’ colorful history and touches of playful whimsy, is designed for both aesthetic appeal and efficient function.

The $25 million station, a transfer point between the DART Green Line and TRE, boasts four platforms for DART Rail and its companion Trinity Railway Express (TRE) commuter service between Dallas and Fort Worth. These platforms are longer than most DART platforms to accommodate longer commuter trains. While the platforms are topped by DART’s familiar gull-wing canopies, the supporting columns are unique to Victory with rich terra cotta brick.

KAI provided architecture and program management for the Victory Station, also participating in the arts-in-transit concept, created by DART to encompass the arts into every station.


Architecture, Program Management

"Victory Station's location on the Northwest/Southeast connector will benefit residents throughout the region, as well as visitors from other cities. You'll be able to fly into Dallas, attend a ball game or concert, shop, eat at a fine restaurant, and check into a luxury hotel--all without wasting a single minute sitting in traffic."

Kay Bailey Hutchison
former U.S. Senator from Texas

The Impact

Standing as a gateway to Dallas' northwest.

The location of Victory Station is at the heart of DART's expansion to the southeast and northwest. Its strategic location benefits the region's residents and visitors, connecting to two major airports, six medical centers, the Dallas Market Center and four regional entertainment destinations, including the American Airlines Center.