We believe a single vision can be satisfied by a single contract.

Design-Build is a proven delivery method that not only maximizes value for our clients, but also for everyone who encounters and experiences the finished project. At KAI, each step of our Design-Build process is informed by the community who will live, work, play and learn there. We collaborate with our clients to create stunning buildings that maximize functionality to amplify human potential.

There are numerous tangible benefits to approaching an upcoming project employing the Design-Build delivery method, including an early knowledge of total project costs, a single point of responsibility and the potential for a condensed design and construction schedule. This level of transparency, accountability and collaboration gives you the quality expected at a more controlled cost, quicker completion time and more project for your budget.

In Design-Build, teamwork is critical since the traditional checks and balances are replaced by trust among individual team members and team collaboration. And to have great teamwork, you need great team members. At KAI, we’ve staffed all our teams (DesignEngineering, Build360 CS) with knowledgeable, proactive and experienced people who are committed to making the Design-Build delivery method a success and create something truly inspiring.

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