We look at everything, so you don’t miss anything.

With our 360 Construction Services team, we don’t think about one thing. And we don’t think about two things. We think about all the things that go into constructing a project that meets your needs—and the needs of the community in which it’s built. A build isn’t just a build. It’s a symbol of the people who live, work and play within it every day.

At KAI, we provide full-circle (360°) expertise in order to plan, structure and deliver projects in a manner that will meet clients’ schedule, budget, operational requirements and quality expectations. We’re there for you at every step—from conception to completion.

Even though we’re proud of how we provide 360° Construction Services, we’re even more proud of who provides it. We believe our people make us exceptional and drive the innovations necessary to create great strides in the design and building process. But our knowledge and experience doesn’t stop with our 360 CS team. You will also be able to tap into the specialized perspectives of our larger family of experts in the DesignEngineering, Build and Design-Build worlds in order to better control costs, realize more efficiencies and create something that truly inspires.

Our Services

  • Program Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Inspection
  • Design Management
  • Biddability & Constructability Reviews
  • Schedule Management
  • Budget Development & Cost Management
  • Assessments
  • Diversity Planning
  • Delivery and Contracting Strategies
  • Change Order Management
  • Claims Avoidance and Dispute Resolution
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