Building Up Academic Success

Jones Hall Renovation
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
St. Louis, MO

As part of an ongoing campus expansion, St. Louis College of Pharmacy planned renovations to Jones Hall, a data center and classroom building. KAI was hired to provide general contracting for construction services.

The first phase involved creating a new IT server room with refrigeration piping that could support the move of the IT Department.

The next phase consisted of clearing the library and filling the existing stairs in order to create lab and classroom spaces. During this phase the faculty break room was relocated and expanded to the 5th floor.

The project involved more than a dozen subcontractors reconstructing 17,000 SF of library and office space into classrooms, physics laboratories, and study spaces. Timing presented a unique challenge. In order to maintain academic activities during the renovations, the project needed to be completed during the second shift, which meant crews wouldn’t begin their day until 3:30 in the afternoon.

The project finished a month ahead of schedule, which allowed faculty and staff to move into offices quickly and be prepared for the first day of classes. Students not only enjoy more space in Jones Hall, they now also have access to a 213,000 SF academic and research building and library.


General Contracting

“We’ve sought out the best minds and most skilled individuals in the region to help us provide the resources we need to prepare our student pharmacists for their changing role in the health care system, and transform the College into a global leader in health care and pharmacy education.”

John A. Pieper, President
St. Louis College of Pharmacy

The Impact

Transforming a Campus

Students working inside of Jones Hall now not only enjoy more space for collaboration and studies, but they now have access to a 213,000-square-foot academic building and research library that was not previously as accessible to them on campus.