New Facility Provides Higher Quality Care & Expanded Services to Local Community

Warrenton Outpatient Center
SSM Health
Warrenton, MO

Having outgrown their existing primary care and physical therapy clinic, SSM Health hired KAI to provide Design-Build services for a new expanded Warrenton Outpatient Center, located on the western edge of the St. Louis Metropolitan area. The relocated clinic more than doubles the size of the previous facility to create a new 15,600 SF health center, giving additional families a high-quality healthcare experience from SSM Health.

Completed at a cost of $5.8 million, the Outpatient Center’s exterior design utilizes stone and wood elements for a warm, inviting space. An oversized entry canopy with full glass enclosure provides a focal point and floods the interior with light. Pleasing wood tones are carried through to the interior design as well for a calming effect. Suitability, flexibility and durability were considered throughout the design and selection of materials.

Situated in Warrenton, MO on a 3.6+ acre lot along a major highway, the Outpatient Center is designed to be highly visible to the community. The facility provides family medicine and physical therapy with 18 exam rooms all encircling a centralized team space with workstations, workrooms, testing lab and clean supply. The physical therapy space includes both adult and pediatric gyms along with treatment rooms to provide comprehensive therapy services. Similarly, a new lab suite includes lab draw space, waiting area, nursing station and workroom. Guests are welcomed by a large waiting lounge that leads patients to a bright and calming space. Support spaces include offices, a shared workroom, and staff break room.


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“The vision of SSM is that every person has the opportunity for peace, joy and health, and every family and community as well. And you see that vision playing out, especially for those most in need. This is fulfilling a great need for an area that has historically had a lack of good quality healthcare.”

Dr. Chad Smith, Family Physician
SSM Health Warrenton

The Impact

Patient-centered design promotes wellness

KAI utilized patient-centered design principles throughout the facility, prioritizing the patient's needs and experience. Natural light was used as much as possible in the facility for its proven health and well-being benefits. Finishes such as natural wood were chosen for their calming characteristics, as well as nature-focused artwork displayed throughout.