Antelope House Electrical Overhaul

Antelope House Electrical Overhaul
Saint Louis Zoo
St. Louis, MO

KAI has finished several construction projects at the Saint Louis Zoo since the beginning of 2017, including the Antelope House Electrical Overhaul. These projects have ranged in size and scope totaling nearly $2 million. While none of these projects deal with interior/tenant finish work, it speaks to KAI’s ability to manage strategically and logistically challenging projects.

Construction projects at the zoo are similar to that of a healthcare-style atmosphere. Logistically speaking, there is a continual challenge to make sure that our work does not interfere with all the tourists and staff who are at the Saint Louis Zoo on a daily basis.
The main challenge with our projects at the zoo is coordinating the relocation of animals while working in certain habitats. Communication with the keepers of each habitat, along with the zoo’s project managers is a crucial part of a successful project.

Antelope House Electrical Upgrade:
The complete demolition and reinstallation of all existing electrical conduit, transformers, panels and fixtures within the Antelope House. This was a turn-key operation with support from our in-house electrical subcontractor, Power UP.


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