Bar and Dining area in the Sevens Club

Designing Multi-Purpose Spaces

Sevens Club
Casino Queen
East St. Louis, IL

As a prominent entertainment company, Casino Queen provides many different types of entertainment and their success has led them to develop and expand even more. Specifically, Casino Queen required a space that would serve a variety of purposes: a dining area, a sports bar, a theatrical stage and a dance floor. Based on high satisfaction with former work, Casino Queen selected KAI to design an all-new entertainment venue to encompass all of their needs called the Sevens Club.

The style of the Sevens Club venue needed to be contemporary but still comfortable with a focus on durability and maintainability due to the variety of events the space will host.

This style was achieved with porcelain tile floors, special metallic paints and translucent solid surfaces. Dark floors complement the light, metallic-champagne walls, and accent colors were used in the carpet as well as some deep red seating.

The bar is long and sinuously curved, emulated by circular “clouds” created from translucent fabric hung from the ceiling. Color-changing LED lights were placed behind the “clouds,” and create different moods in the space.

Two internally-lit museum cases contain significant sports items on loan from the St. Louis Cardinals museum collection, freeing the space from cluttering memorabilia. Numerous HD televisions, visible from all seat locations, complete the 7,000 SF space. The style variety enables the owners to create their own atmosphere dependent upon Casino Queen’s ever-changing schedule.


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