Front of Fields Foods

Creating Urban Grocery Options

Fields Foods Grocery Store
St. Louis Food Hub, LLC
St. Louis, MO

KAI performed design services to a free-standing 36,605 SF grocery store/farmers-market food preparation facility in St. Louis called Fields Foods. This state-of-the-art grocery store includes full-service kitchen prep spaces and freeze/cooler/warehouse storage areas equipped with loading docks and processing/research facility equipment.

Fields Foods grocery store focuses on providing affordable local foods to an area which has long been considered an urban food dessert. KAI wanted to design an inviting atmosphere which would enhance the customer shopping experience and create a full-service culinary adventure for shoppers. The store contains “themed departments” with decor that visually communicates the purpose of each sections — such as the butcher shop and the barn.


Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Construction Administration, Fire Protection Engineering

“We are inspired to conveniently provide products that make our neighborhood healthier and happier.”

Jeff Randol, President
St. Louis Food Hub

The Impact

Rejuvenating the Area

The project site, located in Lafayette Square, an established historic St. Louis neighborhood, is also home to the former City Hospital that was recently renovated into a luxury apartment complex adjacent from the grocery store. This growth and development of the area sparked a need for grocery options in the area. Not only did this project fill the need for locally sourced food accessible to City consumers, it also brought more than 100 full- and-part time jobs to the area.