Clyde C. Miller Career Academy Exterior at Night

Redefining vocational education

Clyde C. Miller Career Academy
St. Louis Public Schools
St. Louis, MO

The Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, a St. Louis Public School, has redefined the area’s vocational education experience. It is a four-year high school with a career technical focus, with the goal of preparing students for college or a two-year vo-tech school. Students are immersed in both state-of-the-art technology within an exciting and attractive facility. The building’s light-colored masonry and concrete exterior with aluminum panels and glass present the image of its progressive and high-tech curriculum. A sky-lit glass atrium in the main entry serves as a beacon and visual connection with the adjacent cultural arts district.

The design for the Clyde C. Miller Career Academy features a boulevard that links classroom neighborhoods, providing a connection, as well as separation, of the freshman and sophomore houses and the junior and senior level Career Pathway training studios. Classrooms and studios are on two levels with streets connecting the areas. Each classroom neighborhood is self sufficient, with its own workrooms, preparation areas, restrooms and storage.

The school offers a a traditional academic program, as well as in-depth exposure to the Career and Technical program. At the end of sophomore year, students choose a Career and Technical Pathway as a major and complete an internship in the field during their senior year. This high level of exposure to career pathways has resulted in approximately 98% of graduates pursuing continuing education at the collegiate level and continuing technical education, as well as military service.

Facility Elements
Classrooms, Training Studios, Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Library, Computer Lab, Media Technology, Community Outreach Center, Administrative Offices

Dedicated Vocational Classrooms
Biomedical Technology, Building Trades, Business Technology, Culinary Arts, Electronics/Production Media, Industrial Systems, Manufacturing Systems Technology


Fire Protection Engineering, Construction Administration, Project Management, Plumbing Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture

The Impact

Creating a vision for the future

At Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, 100% of students are economically disadvantaged. The school's vocational program provides students an opportunity to see and experience collegiate and career opportunities post graduation - an important factor in future success.