Front of Catapult Creative House

Spaces that Spark Creativity

Catapult Creative House
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO

Continuing a long standing relationship with Southeast Missouri State University, KAI provided architectural and MEP/FP engineering design services for the Catapult Creative House renovation project to house a new creative arts and industries incubator.

Located off campus along the city’s main street, this project restored and modified two commercial storefront buildings into a learning laboratory “…where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship converge to bring novel products and services, with a sustainable twist and local connection, to market in a modern commercial marketplace”.

KAI’s design team work diligently to create a space that supported the Southeast Missouri State University’s vision for the Catapult Creative House. The open floor plan with ample access to data, power, natural light and ventilation support the creative potential of the space. This flexible setup encourages the experiential learning opportunities and allows Southeast Missouri State University’s students to follow and idea from initial concept to prototyping, to refinement, and finally to commercial sale in the on site retail marketplace.

Subtle colors and durable materials create the backdrop for the work produced by the students in the Catapult Creative House. Exposed structure and building systems, along with accents of bright colors add to the high-tech feel of the spaces.


Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Schematic Design, Programming, Fire Protection Engineering

"Catapult Creative House will provide a model for the future of multidisciplinary and experiential learning by connecting students and practitioners in a variety of creative and innovative disciplines that often work in silos, and immersing them in a space with the technology and creative culture to bring big ideas to life.”

Dr. Kenneth W. Dobbins, President
Southeast Missouri State University

The Impact

Exploring Entrepreneurship Opportunities

This space provides all university students, regardless of their chosen major, with the opportunity to pursue their dreams of exploring entrepreneurship as a career path through creativity, innovation and development. They are also encouraged to further explore business by connecting students, faculty and professionals in a supportive, multidisciplinary environment.