Effective February 1, 2021, KAI is revising our invoice processing system to help improve the way we do business with our consultants. Our goal is to reduce processing times so you can receive payment as quickly as possible. Your assistance is crucial to ensure your invoices continue to be processed promptly.

Invoicing Requirements for All Consultants

  1. KAI is no longer accepting paper invoices.
  2. Invoices must contain the following information, or they will be rejected:
    • KAI’s project number
    • KAI’s project name
  3. Invoices must be emailed to kaistl.payables@kai-db.com. Please DO NOT send a copy to the Project Manager.
    • Invoices must to be in PDF format.
    • Each invoice must be in a separate PDF (with the supporting documentation for the invoice in the same PDF as the invoice itself).
    • You can send multiple invoices in one email, but each invoice must be in a separate PDF.
    • One project per invoice only – multiple projects cannot be processed on a single invoice.
    • Each invoice must include the service dates.

For any questions related to project number or project name, please contact your KAI Project Manager. Please contact kaistl.payables@kai-db.com for all other questions related to this change.

Additional Requirements for New Consultants

We look forward to working with you! To ensure KAI can process your invoices in a timely and efficient manner in line with our contract, please follow the guidelines below.

  1. KAI requires a W-9 before any invoices can be processed.
  2. Email your W-9 to kaistl.payables@kai-db.com with the subject line “W-9 – (Consultant Name)” to have it processed.

Best Practices & Recommendations

  1. Break out labor and reimbursable expenses separately and include the following information for each:
    • Current billed amount
    • Total prior billed amount
    • Total amount billed to date
    • Total approved amount for billing
    • Total remaining amount to be billed
  2. Please provide complete billing backup for reimbursable expenses.

Payment Information for All Consultants

Timelines: Please submit your invoices by the 25th calendar day of each month (unless your contract states otherwise); this will allow the KAI Project Managers adequate time to review and approve invoices to be billed out to the client the following month.

KAI appreciates the opportunity to work with our many consultants, vendors and industry partners. Please send any questions/concerns/invoice payment inquiries to kaistl.payables@kai-db.com.